Wednesday, October 15

Process During Class: Rough Animation

Today I was able to make everything move in the way I had imagined on my storyboard. (milestone in my animation career for sure) My goal was to just make it really rough as I figure out all of the motion. Now that I have everything moving the way I want it to I can use next class period to clean everything up. I need to make the transitions smoother and tweak here and there. Timing at the beginning is slower and it kinda speeds up towards the end, so I'm going to spend a lot of time working on the duration of everything/ pairing with sound. I also still want to mess around with making the instruments look like they are being played. 

Folly Animation Process

My files / layers are set up and organized. I've roughed the first couple seconds and I'm ready to take advantage of the TA's during our class work days! The music is edited how I want it and fades out in the end. I wanted to make sure that I'm animating synced with the sounds. In previous projects I have neglected sound in the beginning and it definitely didn't work out in my favor, so I'm tackling that first this go round. 

In response to critique, I'm ditching the two frames with "and" because it was emphasizing an unnecessary word. As of right now I'm going to try to stay true to this storyboard unless a new idea sparks.

Tuesday, October 14

Process on Koenig

"refined" Introduction Spreads:

In response to critique, I am exploring different placements for the footnotes. The placement in spread three (pgs 12-13) is working best right now so I plan to push this throughout. I changed the subscript typeface in the footnotes so that the numbers coordinate with the type treatment in the body text, for an easier user experience and quicker connection.

"first draft" of Stahl House Spreads: 

Designing the spreads for a specific house made me realize that the text should mimic the shape of the building it is describing. Each spread becomes an organic fusion of text and image according to the content. 

Midterm Self Reflection: Human Centered Design

What have you learned?

I've developed a new understanding for client work. Instead of just designing a poster: we had to consider where the poster would be placed, what sound the poster was representing, and who was viewing the poster (in a car/ by foot). These are things we haven't thought about before for a poster. I also developed a better understanding of collateral material. Such as how to take dominant elements from the poster design and make them work in another layout. As well as simplifying elements without disconnect between the different collaterals. Another big thing when working with professional clients, is that what matters to them is if it works for what they want it to work for. We're constantly in the world of concept with other designers critiquing our designs.  When sometimes the most important thing to the client is functionally over concept. 

What have been your successes? 

I was successful in my drive throughout the project. Early on I was able to come up with a wide variety of ideas / iterations. As the project progressed I took critique to heart and kept making changes. Although I'm still not 100% happy with the final poster design, what designers ever really are right? The type just isn't there yet on the poster, but I plan to revisit that. When I started making collateral, it kind of worked itself out. My concept really focused on the collaboration/ hybrid aspect of Southern Exposure which I think was successful, but the samba influence should’ve probably been toned down a bit. There music is much more a mash up of sounds / genres but I got stuck on this unique samba quality. Although the different digital / hand drawn illustrations worked well together to evoke this idea of a mash up.

What can you do to improve moving forward? 

Going off what I've already said, I think I need to constantly reconsider all of my options when designing something, especially something specific to a certain musical album. I sort of put myself in a box with the colors / samba influence, when it would have been stronger if I had considered the other influences. I also had type issues. Form should follow function. I just wanted to play around with hierarchy and do something different, when I should've been focusing more on the location of the poster and putting it in that context.  

Sunday, October 12