Wednesday, September 10

[p1] Gertrude Stein Progress

These are screenshots of entire spreads in the order that they will be in the book. Each poem takes up an entire spread and is separated by a title page between each. I have the diagrams starting up the the far top left corner to provide some consistency & clarity for the viewer. Some of the poems have a short phrase at the end. I used this as an opportunity to lead onto the next page, so for all the poems that have this, it is placed in the far bottom right corner. The structure in between is ambiguous according to how the sentence diagrams.  

Tuesday, September 9

Folly Poster 9 Iterations

For the first set I was thinking about the words: zeal, overlay (or layered), and innovative. The zeal is in the color scheme and playful type. Layered and innovative are within the graphic shape representing a violin. It's innovative because it's simplifying this complex complex instrument by layering graphic shapes on top of each other. 

For the second set I focused on the words: scattered and zeal. The feathers are influenced by the samba dancers attire. I tried to combine the idea of jazz with samba in this set, but I think this one turned out to be the least successful. 

Finally for the third set I was thinking about a whimsical hybrid. The overall shape is suppose to be like an inkblot but with all the instruments coming out of it, making a hybrid that represents the members of the group. 

Sunday, September 7

Poems for Motion

The poems I'm thinking about putting into motion are (1) A Sound. & (2) A Leave. Right now I'm focusing on sentence structure and putting the poems into sentence diagrams for print. So in my mind the digital motion is showing how these diagrams are formed.

This is where I'm at for print right now:
A Sound.

A Leave. 

[p1] poems

Still thinking about sentence structure, I decided to put the poems into sentence diagrams. This emphasizes conjunctions and prepositional phrases and create a rhythm. Diagramming also makes descriptive words secondary. Overall it provides an interesting read & creates a pattern.