Friday, September 5

Tuesday, September 2

Matrix for Folly Poster

The attributes I used to describe Christian Howe's music with Southern Exposure are: whimsical, scattered, innovative, zeal, hybrid, romantic, & overlaid. This process was extensive and challenging but it definitely formulated new ideas I wouldn't have thought of otherwise. I'm interested to get feedback and see which ones can be combined to create a strong concept. 

Monday, September 1

[P1] The Language Mock Up

The way that I made sense of this project, is that we're taking a poem that does not make sense and designing/organizing it in a way that does make sense. The first image shows how the poem (A Sound.) reads when you first turn to it in the book. The words are collectively on four layers of pages. The first page is clear duralar (image 2). The page is reserved for "subordinate" words, i.e. conjunctions and helping verbs. So when you turn the first page it only shows a very subtle change to the overall poem. (image 3) The second page or layer is on tracing vellum (image 4) and this page has big action verbs, showing pretty significant change to how the poem is understood. (see image 5). The third page is another layer of tracing vellum and it is for propositional phrases and repetitive words. (Words that repeat are also in black.) It's interesting to me how different one poem can be understood by removing it's structure in pieces.  *Note that the words are made with self-adhesive vinyl letters & this is a mock up so they aren't perfectly straight yet. Also Helvetica is all that I could find in b&w with more than one size. So I'm keeping these restrictions in mind as I move forward with this idea.