Thursday, April 24

Final Spreads

The idea of an innovative romance influenced all of my design decisions within these spreads. I used traditional, elegant typefaces like Didot and Baskerville to connote romance mixed with italicized Gill Sans Light to give a modern feel. Everything is purposely running off the page as if it's moving forward to show that this social issue is making a break through. I used highly cliche romantic photographs with hints of humorous modern cake topper imagery to push this idea of a modern, innovating romance. My ultimate goal was to portray gay couples under the same respect and elegance feel we get from wedding spreads of straight couples. All too often, marriage equality or gay couples in general are depicted as flamboyant, so I feel that I was successful in going against that while still giving the spreads a little edge. 

Updated Issu: Response to Crit

Tuesday, April 22

Kendall & Sara's Model Work

Our model is based off Emment / Donaghy Model keeping in mind modern technology and forms of communication. We realized that most of the things we use to communicate today are held in our hands and most things moving towards a touch screen interface providing a personal experience. So we wanted our model to be handheld and interactive for this reason. The boxes represent communicator A and B, with each side labeled by "input, output, and processing. The string/yarn between the two boxes represent feedback (purple yarn) and the green, yellow, and blue strings represent different types of noise. The idea is that as the "communicators" turn the boxes around (inputting, outputting, and processing) the noise tangles and alters the feedback. 

Digital Versions