Tuesday, April 15

Final Bike Walk KC Poster

My general audience is a young women in her early 20's. I'm using two rhetorical tropes; synecdoche and irony. Synecdoche comes from Wonder Women representing female power, sex appeal, and freedom. It's ironic that Wonder Women is wondering about biking. The idea that this women who has it all, including the ultimate traveling power: the power to fly, has the desire to bike. 

McKenzie Marston is my specific audience member & she's going to comment here with feedback :) 

Monday, April 14

New Direction During Class

Spreads: 2 Directions

Direction 1: Clean/ Professional; depicting subject matter the oppose of how it's usually shown

Direction 2: Gay Pride; usual depiction

Bike Walk KC

Appealing to the young woman, I'm using Wonder Women as a synechdoche for sex appeal and women power. It's ironic because she's flying feeling the ultimate idea of freedom yet she's thinking about biking. By adding the text that says "wonder" it also hits on the idea that your mind can run free while biking, it's a mindless activity. 

I kept taking my hand drawing into Photoshop and filling with color, I finally found the color combination that I liked, but wasn't happy with the half analog, half photoshop residue look. So I decided to paint the illustration instead, speaking more to the printing process anyways. My three colors are white, blue, and red. The paper color I chose was Blu Raspberry so that shows through a lot, as well as mixing white & red to make pink and red & blue to make purple. I'm thinking about adding a tag line or something to push the feminist idea even further.