Friday, March 28

Jonathan "Jony" Ive: Class Progress

Jony Ive

Jonathan Ive designs tomorrow. Ive designs elegantly simple, intimately personal products you have in your hand, put in your ear, have in your pocket, and sit on your lap. People form relationships with his products.  Ive mainstreamed new materials, made design nonnegotiable, streamlined how you use software, and made the world easier to live in. A five year old can pick up and use an iPad. His revolutionary success comes from caring, hating fuss and relishing simplicity, purity, integrity and directness. Ive’s products are thoughtfully conceived and made so that form follows function. Jonathon Ive is the Earl Grey of tea.  






Thursday, March 27

Lecture Poster: 3 Interations

Going off Monday's critique, I just kind of merged all the ideas that were working together. My goal was to have humor while still hitting on the Target copyright issue because hypothetically that's what Robynne is giving her lecture over. My attributes are humorous, playful, bold, and unusual.  

Tuesday, March 25

Jony Ive

Ive designed the colorful iMac that sparked Apple's resurgence. He also designed the iPhone, the iPad, and numerous iterations of the Mac.

Logos & Data Visualization Final Info Graph

My info graph compares legal benefits of marriage to benefits given with DOMA. I think it's successful in doing just that. It clearly compares the two with color, size, and labeling. There is a scale within the family benefits and a key within the tax benefits which both apply to all. It's also successful in that it breaks up different types of benefits so it's easy to understand. The types of benefits are also compared showing for example that marriage gives more family benefits than medical benefits; but also that DOMA gives very little medical benefits and no family benefits. Some things that I had trouble with were incorporating the labels for the types of benefits and adding lots of information. 

Monday, March 24

Lecture Poster- 6 Iterations

Overall, I'm having trouble pinpointing one title or concept to go with so I'm exploring many different things that pertain to Robynne Raye so that I can decide which idea is working and move forward. With this round of iterations (being a week from due date) I wanted to keep pushing and experimenting many things, which provided lack of refinement for these posters. My goal today was to push the designs really out there, find what's working, and pull back with lots of refinement over the next week.
Two directions: Her bold sense of humor & her love for food
Attributes: Playful, Unusual, Bold

Humor 1: Fight with Words
Robynne put in a blog post about her copyright battle that her best advice to anyone in her situation was to fight with words. So I used the typography to push this idea. 

Humor 2: Flowers from Outer Space
Robynne is known to be a huge garden nerd, so I wanted to try and incorporate that as well. In another blog post from her she posted that she loved flowers that looked like they were from outer space, an example she gave was the blue iris. 

Humor 3: Fight with Words
Because of how huge the Target Copyright Case is in the design world, I felt I should also try to incorporate this.. still using the same title she mentioned before. I thought the target dog was a good opportunity for a pun, considering her company name is Modern Dog. 

Love for Food 1: Modern Dog
This design is completely analog. My goal here was to integrate all 
of the type into the food, but then I realized something needed 
to be left out to draw the viewer in.  

Love for Food 2: Process Makes Perfect
This design speaks to the reveal of process within her work. 
I included the "transparent" background of Adobe software to show process.

Love for Food 3: The Woes of Copyright Battles
Trying the Target idea again, but within this direction. 

Logo & Data Visualization

With this design, I wanted to provide a very simple way of (1) listing all the legal benefits of marriage & (2) showing the difference in how many benefits are within each category. The point of (2) is to show (for example) that there are way more family benefits than medical benefits, just to get a general sense. I designed signifiers for each category to identify them. Going forward, I plan to provide more specific information somehow. A viewer may not know what "Estate Benefits" entail, so my goal is to figure out an attractive way to provide enough information so that the viewer can fully understand the legal benefits of traditional marriage... helping them to realize through logos the rights that thousands of homosexual Americans cannot receive.