Saturday, March 8

Email Blast Final

Design I: This design provides an ethos appeal from the logo of the Human Rights Campaign as well as all of the facts listed. Although the facts fit in to the Logos appeal, they also provide creditability to the overall message. Again the DOMA facts and up to date "breaking news" on the topic provide the Logos appeal because it's giving information to back what it's persuading. The Pathos appeal comes from the imagery and language used at the top because they appeal to the viewers emotion. 

example of design I in a gmail message 

example of design I in a smartphone layout

Design II: This design is overall very similar to the first design. I just wanted to provide an example of the company sending out multiple emails,viewers would pass by something they thought they've already seen. So by changing the image and color palette, it engages the reader while still showing the same layout providing the information is from the same campaign (or company or whatever). The appeals are the same as before only now the text at the top provides an ethos appeal because it's a quote from the president and people will feel like it's more credible because of that.  

example of design II in a gmail message

example of design II in a smartphone layout 

Robynne Raye Presentation

Thursday, March 6

Timeline Progress

Overall message: "1000 Songs in Your Pocket"
Attributes: motion, innovative, connectivity  

Wednesday, March 5

Inspiration for Next Step in Timeline

Different Versions = Different Appeal

By using my different stickers, it gives adds different appeals. The first one "Some dudes marry other dudes" is humorous and appeals to people through pathos. The image with the two male figures and the cake is also pathos. Including the information about Doma and other breaking news adds an Logos appeal. The second and third quotes from famous people (Morgan Freeman and President Obama) provide an ethical appeal as well as the other information also including the pathos appeal and the imagery providing a pathos appeal. These might be working better since they include all three. 

Polaroids of Vanderslice

Robynne Raye does a lot of collage so I thought it might be a good idea to use polaroids to give the images more of an analog feel. I plan to experiment with stencils and handwritten type.

Tuesday, March 4

Email Blast Process

P2 Timeline Progress

To further push the idea of "1000 Songs in Your Pocket" I wanted to show a much of Cd's going into the timeline of the iPod. Initially I wanted to use the Apple colors but I didn't like the way it looked & the Cd's were getting busy/ not really looking like Cd's. I really like the strong contrast from left to right because it shows how much simpler things got after the invention of the iPod. 

To make the Cd's look more like Cd's, I overlaid a vector image of a disc and lowered the opacity. This muted out the colors which I liked so I changed the color of the larger circle. I find this design to be way more successful. 

Finally, I wanted to see what it would be like without all the colored discs. 
Main Ideas Presented: "1000 Songs in Your Pocket", past vs present, motion, & connectivity

Sunday, March 2

Robynne Raye

I feel like Robynne Raye would take "cropped" photos because a lot of her work is collage or resembles collage, half photograph and half illustration. 

Designer: Robynne Raye

Quote: “For me design is like choosing what I’m going to wear for the day- only much more complicated and not really the same at all.”

As co-founder of Seattle-based Modern Dog Design Co, Robynne Raye has gained international recognition for her wholly vibrant serigraphs. The designs and illustrations she creates embody her modern spirituality, her ability to make people laugh and a lifelong dedication to world peace. Sis-R wishes to pass on to all of her students and followers the message of hope and love. Raye and her partner, Michael Strassburger, are the authors of Inside the World of Board Graphics, due out in October 2011.

Interview about her book "Inside the World of Board Graphics":
Modern Dog has done snowboards for K2, but you are not a snowboarder. Do you think that makes a difference in the kinds of designs you might do?
Just because I don’t snowboard doesn’t mean I can’t do work in that industry. You can apply that same philosophy to many things. I’m not an architect but I designed a website for one. I’m not a six-year-old but I designed a Nordstrom children’s catalog. I’m not an musician but I designed a poster for one, and so on.
Can you share the story of how Modern Dog got its first commission for K2?
Long story short, K2 thought we were someone else. We found out a few years later when they got drunk at a party and told us the morning we called they thought we were someone else. But we put Modern Dog in a position of opportunity and worked for K2 from August 1989 – December 2000. We witnessed what happens when a trend explodes and a lot of money starts pouring in. In the early days K2 allowed us to have fun and do some crazy stuff. They are one of the reasons my company is here today.
What makes board graphics so universally appealing?
Beyond the obvious rebellious branding of these three sports, it’s just plain fun. The commonality between all three is that a rider stands up on a board, a simple concept that is hard to master. And with skateboarding, you’re talking about an inexpensive product – even people in third world countries can make their own. In the U.S. a skate company can come out with new deck art every few days if they wanted, and often they commission dozens of designs every month. One of my favorite quotes was from Marc Hostetter, TransWorld Creative Director, when he said “the skate shop is the modern-day art gallery.” When I travel – and if I want to feel inspired – I make a point of checking out the local skate shops. As I’ve grown older I’ve stopped going to big museums and galleries because often I find the art displayed boring.
Obviously this book has a lot of striking imagery, but beyond the visuals, if you had to sum up what this book is really about in one sentence, what would it be?
It’s about the product as a canvas.
As a result of this book, you ended up teaching a class in board design this last summer. Can you tell me more about that?
The Cornish College of the Arts summer program is in second year so it was new for me too, though I have been teaching college-level design classes there for 11 years. I had five students between the ages of 15 and 17. Each student got two blank boards, and over the course of six classes made deck art out of collage, spray paint and stencils. I love getting my hands dirty so I made one too. Modern Dog designer Shogo Ota helped out as well.

>Modern dog has been sued by Disney Comsumer Products, Target Corporation, & Jaya Apparel Group

From Post by Robynne on Rock Paper Ink
>If Tom Ford has anything to do with it, I will probably love it. His oscar nominated 2009 film, A Single Man was one of my favorites in recent memory. The movie made me want to move into his beautiful, luscious, and stylish set designs. And I really fell in love with the story, so consider it an option for all the DVD movie lovers on your list.
 >Best Quote ever!: "If you go home with somebody, and they don't have books, don't fuck 'em!" ―John Waters (Naughty but so true, right?)

Email Blast

Email Blast 1: Logos Appeal
This is logos because it used history or "facts" to persuade the 
viewer to help and join the movement.

Email Blast 2: Pathos Appeal
This idea is pathos because it appeals to the viewers emotion 
by showing beautiful same sex couples that cannot get married.

Email Blast 3: Logos Appeal
It's logos because it's showing how many states support unequal 
rights and uses this information to encourage change.

Email Blast 4: Ethos Appeal
This is ethos because it uses celebs to make the 
movement appear more creditable.  

Email Blast 5: Pathos Appeal
This is pathos because it's humorous and appeals to 
people in an emotional (funny) way.