Thursday, February 27

P2 Timeline Progress

So I figured out that Apple released the first iPod in 2001 and stopped making new versions in 2012, so I decided to display my information like a clock. The different half circles represent the different models: classic, mini, nano, shuffle, and touch. This works out because Apple worked on different models at the same time, so it was a good way to show what was going on. I picked out the iPods in which showed the most breakthrough features. The 01 is the largest so that the viewer knows to start there. I was inspired by Dieter Rams for this design. 

Typography In Motion Final

This project was my first time creating a motion graphic and using AfterEffects. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There are so many other elements to consider when working with motion compared to all the print design we've been doing up until this point. There's the challenges of transitions, timing, sound, patience, and attention to detail. My piece also has a section of stop motion so making digital and analog cohesively work together was one of my biggest challenges. When working with multiple heavy pattern backgrounds, it can be hard to create smooth transitions in between the key frames but I learned that the way in which the type animates from one screen to the next is most important. After eight attempts at getting the transition from analog to digital I finally got it down by incorporating the next frame into the beginning and ends of the stop motion by zooming to and from. Timing is everything and this is when attention to detail really comes into play because the slightest thing can make the entire motion seem off. My stop motion section was entirely too long for awhile because you don't realize 70 photographs take awhile compared to the simple 3 seconds for type to animate digitally. This challenge was fun and I think in the end this section adds a lot of character to the video. I learned that timing is purely by your gut feeling. If you feel like you're looking at one thing too long or you feel like you didn't get a chance to read the type, it just simply needs to be messed around with. Lastly, working with video taught me an entirely new meaning of patience. There's a lot of waiting; rendering, uploading, and then what Vimeo calls "waiting in line" for your video to actually be online. I wasn't used to working with such big file sizes and the consequences for that. Most of all during the process I learned to take a dose of my own medicine by keeping calm and pressing command z.

Tuesday, February 25

P2 Timeline First Draft

Because Apple has accomplished so many things, I decided to narrow my topic down to "Evolution of the iPod". The invention of the iPod goes hand in hand with invention of iTunes. Both iTunes and iPods changed the way we listen to music forever so I thought this was a good topic to land on.

I wanted to make my timeline look as though it's being searched in iTunes. I picked ten of the most different versions of the iPod and displayed them according to model. They are presented as albums would be in iTunes. I went off the idea of music genres and replaced that with iPod models. Underneath each iPod image I put name of model, date it was released, and amount of GB. It doesn't make sense to list these in chronological order because they were making different models at the same time. This design speaks to Apple. I'm thinking about making little icons to in the far left to represent each model. 

Definitions/ Examples

ethos: convincing by character; we tend to believe what people say more if we respect them.
pathos: persuading with emotion; when someone is using an emotional response to get what they want.
logos: persuading with reason; when someone uses facts to support what they're saying.
intrinsic ethos: the overall experience of the product isn't convincing
extrinsic ethos: the person trying to convince something is a well known professional in that subject therefore very believable




(marriage equality)

(marriage equality)

(marriage equality)

Sunday, February 23

Progress Update

During class on Friday I reshot the stop motion section of my piece. This time around I wanted to make sure that the lighting was constant throughout. I also added more frames at the beginning and ending for a smoother transition from digital. After replacing this section in the video, I was successful in making the transition smoother in motion but the colors from digital to photographs are very abrupt. So I'm going to edit the photos used to create the stop motion so that the colors match and the transition problem will be solved. 


My signifiers are representing civil rights milestones. I fused text and image by using the signifiers as a zero in that civil right's date and the "o" in "now". By placing these in chronological order and showing that women's rights and desegregation have happened and evolved with the times, it emphases that now is the time to make marriage equality the next civil rights milestone in our Nation's history. The text and image relationship is relay because the dates and word "now" change the meaning. If the image was standing alone it would just read as civil rights, but with the text added it provides history of the civil rights and implies that there is no time to waste for marriage equality. 

This signifier represents homosexual marriage. I wanted to make a set of stickers that were type dominate and just use the signifier as a way to connect the three separate ideas together. I pulled quotes from famous people and then just a humorous statement that all support gay rights. I was trying to appeal to the younger generation and think of stickers they would want to put on their notebook or car. I could image these trending and people making more like "Keep Calm and Carry On", and how people used the crown as a way to associate them together. The text and image relationship is also relay because the text doesn't restate the image, it gives the image meaning. 

This signifier represents political parties uniting on the issue of marriage equality. To contrast my other sticker designs and speak to the signifier itself, I wanted to speak to a sophisticated audience. I used the colors red and blue to enhance the idea of liberals and conservatives. They're shown on opposite ends of the black image in the middle to provide that they're not united yet but they could be. The text and image relationship is anchored because the text just restates what the image stands for alone or the text works as a caption rather giving away exactly what the signifier is representing. 

Overall I felt like my stickers could live anywhere in our Nation and make sense because I'm speaking to civil rights which applies to everyone. But I did design with different audiences in mind so with the first two signifiers I just stuck them around campus where I saw other students had put their stickers and on the notebooks like I had mentioned before. The last design is for an older audience so I stuck it in practical places like the glass door into a building and an information wall.