Saturday, February 15

P1 Studio Work Day

Here's the posters I designed in class on Friday, both working for quantitive. On the top one I was imagining looking out of your window on the train and seeing lights fly by, but in the poster providing key facts in this "quick moment". On the second design, I just wanted to try going a completely different route, more predictable and conventional way of showing the same information. The style is inspired by the industrial look of an Amtrak train while still providing a sense of motion. 

Wednesday, February 12

P1 Revised Posters

I got a good response to the interaction with type and background last crit so I added to that by flipping "service" to face the other direction. That way the poster feels as though it's interactive. I also listed the cities. I changed the typeface from Gill Sans Light to Gear. 

I completely changed this one because I needed more information and my last design was pretty weak with little response during crit. I wanted to highlight facts but ordered them in a readable way that makes sense. For example "10 cities" in "32 hours". I tried to add color to this but had a lot of trouble so I'm going to see how the layout goes during tomorrow's crit and maybe get suggestions for color. Typefaces include: Blanch (inline and regular), and Gill Sans Light

Tuesday, February 11

P1 Formatted for Wednesday's Crit

Three original signifiers. 
 Civil Rights, End Discrimination, & Uniting Conservatives and Liberals 
Added Connotation to Civil Rights: Official

Added Connotation to Civil Rights: Youthful 

Monday, February 10

P1 Analog Exploration

I simplified my original three signifiers. They were just getting too busy, so I took a step back. 

Connotation: Togetherness #1
(India Ink, dots)

Connotation: Togetherness #2
(pencil drawing, sketchy style)

Connotation: Togetherness #3
(Pen drawing, bubbles)

Connotation: Official #1
(Markers, added elements)

Connotation: Official #2
(Pen/markers, "negative" version, clean/ simple)

Connotation: Official #3
(grey marker, watermark look on scroll) 

Analog Exploration P1

This section switches over to stop motion. 

Today I designed and printed the pieces to spell out MISTAKES. I want this part to look very crafty so I liked the look of the scrap papers around the letters. I'm thinking I might shoot these images on the cutting board, maybe including scissors/ other supplies around so that it relates to the other stop motion piece with the letterpress. (showing tools and analog techniques) I'm not happy with how the pieces look together. The letters K, E, and S at the end are disconnected so I'm definitely going to redo those. 

M: Homestead inline
I: American Typewriter 
S: Rosewood
T: Birch Std
A: Blanch
K: Wisdom Script
E: Neutraface 
S: Britannic Bold

Sunday, February 9

P1: Experimenting with Motion

type2p1 from Sara Garrison on Vimeo.

make from Sara Garrison on Vimeo.

P1: Connotations Added to Civil Rights Signifier

Three original signifiers. Starting from the top: End Discrimination, Liberals and Conservatives Uniting, and Civil Rights are all subconcepts to support the greater issue of Marriage Equality. 

Here are three different directions for "official" connotations added to the Civil Rights signifier. The first one is like a check list and shows two major civil rights movements from our nation's history checked off with gay rights as another milestone that needs to be checked. The second idea was to take the icons and make them look like official seals. And the last idea was inspired by an official stamp. While making these I was trying to speak to the government as a potential audience or client.

Going the completely opposite direction, here are signifiers under a "whimsical" connotation. I wanted to speak to the youth and future of our nation in a fun way. The first direction was to make a female figure referencing the "yes we can" women's right campaign, all races shown in an equal sign, and a rainbow with two hearts. Just simple kinda cutesy way of depicting the same ideas. The second set has the original signifiers in hot air balloons just to play off the idea of "whimsical" and it also shows women rights and racial equality rising while gay rights hasn't left the ground yet. The last one I wanted to try and show civil rights as a whole instead of separately.