Saturday, February 8

Response to Crit

In response to critique on Friday, I'm going with my second style (patterns/ high contrast). I surfed paper source like Mckenzie suggested and found more great patterns to work with. All while keeping in mind that the patterns needed to be darker overall so that type wouldn't get lost. Also going with my idea of "high contrasted style", I've made most of the type white so that it jumps off the screen and also solving the legibility issue. I'm debating whether I want to keep the word "risk" within the road sign or make it more like the other frames. I also can't decide whether I should include the "keep calm crown" so that there's a clear reference. Other changes to note: the command z keys are white and command doesn't literally have the word command on it, but I figured graphic designers are only going to understand this humor anyway. I also plan on having an ending frame with the entire quote shown looking something like this:

Process in P1

Here's the cleaned up digital versions of the sketched signifiers I had before. I've decided to move forward with my symbol for civil rights (the third symbol listed) with official and whimsical connotations. I think providing the opposite style within the two connotations of the same important issue will be interesting to compare and eventually speak to a broader audience. 

Here's some brainstorming:
(overall aspects for official: black and white or use of patriotic colors (eventually), always organized in chronological order with each civil right as it's own little icon, no hierarchy, simple and to the point) 
inspiration comes from government documents,etc. 

Official Civil Rights #1
give each civil right a check box and arrange them into a list, the women's rights and racial right's boxes will be checked and the gay right's box will be left empty. (keeping them in chronological order)

Official Civil Rights #2
make the icons look as though they're apartment of an official seal 

Official Civil Rights #3
have first two civil rights stamped in wax and gay rights visibly on a stamp but not stamped into wax yet

(overall whimsical: lots bright fun colors (eventually), organized in the way that's most ascetically pleasing, the civil rights can all come together as one idea instead of each little icon, things will vary in size and minimal design elements will added just to make it fun/ frilly)
looking at Allison Schulnik's work for inspiration 

Whimsical Civil Rights #1
the women right's icon will be a female figure with her arm curled up referencing "yes we can!" idea with hair curled at the ends, all under a rainbow, butterflies, etc. 

Whimsical Civil Rights #2
the icons will look as though they're stitched into a doily or maybe each one is it's own doily, maybe gay rights isn't finished 

Whimsical Civil Rights #3
hot air balloons with civil rights on them, gay rights balloon isn't flying yet

Wednesday, February 5

P1- "Three Near-final Signifiers"

My approach to this project was to take already culturally known symbols and mesh them together to communicate the subconcepts. I also wanted my overall issue to be clear when viewing all three signifiers together. The big issue I'm dealing with is Marriage Equality. *The images are scanned in hand drawings. I think they all work as b&w images but color will definitely enhance meaning; for example: in part III, one figure would be red while the other is blue showing the opposing sides of politics are coming together.

I: End Discrimination 

II: Civil Rights

III: Uniting Liberals and Conservatives on the Issue 

P1: Concept Critique (Snow Day)

I: Quantitive 

II: Qualitative 

Monday, February 3

P1 Concept Direction

Main Topic: Marriage Equality 

Concept One: end discrimination
ex. image of someone speaking out, peace sign, gavel
Concept Two: civil rights
ex. fist (power), constitution, group of people marching, balance, gavel
Concept Three: Conservatives & Liberals must unite
ex. elephant and donkey together, red & blue ties, open mind
Concept Four:  freedom
ex. american flag, statue of liberty, arms spread, birds, dandelion
Concept Five: relationships/ love
ex. holding hands, kissing, hearts, cupid
Concept Six: hate crime
ex. fire, anger, caution tape, blood shed, rebel flag

* rough sketching and initial brainstorming 

Narrowed down directions:
End Discrimination, Civil Rights, 
Uniting Conservative and Liberals

The first image here represents "uniting conservatives and liberals" using index.
The second drawing made up of 3 smaller icons represents "civil rights" and keying in on major breakthroughs in our nation's history, providing that this is another major issue.
The last one is still is sketching phase but I do know that I want to use imagery of gender to convey "end of discrimination".  

Storyboards for P1

idea I: mixture of graphic elements and photographic elements (stop motion)
This was my strongest storyboard during crit earlier today, some weak aspects mentioned were transitions, inclusion of "fail" in general just weak language in comparison, some typeface changes, and ultimately that the second row of frames was weak and needed to be reworked. 

idea II: relying more on graphic elements with possible screen cap 
This was overall weaker then my first idea and we didn't spend too much time discussing it. There was a lot of disconnect overall. 

Refined idea: Response to Crit 
I removed the section of the quote including "fail", because I felt it was redundant. I've decided to use a circular motion for major transitions to provide a cohesive playfulness. Further on that idea of playfulness, I changed the "make mistakes" section entirely to a sort of collage type thing so that it speaks what it's saying- using bits and pieces of potential scrap papers to spell out mistakes. The video (if all goes as planned) will interchange from vector graphics to stop motion. ("risk","make" "keep calm and" will all be graphic while "experiment", "mistakes", and the buttons "command" and "z" will be photographic) It was also suggested that I bring the quote back in towards the end to kinda review what the viewer just experienced which I think is a great idea, I'm just going to see how to work that in After Effects because in analog form I really like it ending with just "Keep Calm and Command Z." 

P1 Definitions Pt. II

denotation: it is what it is, definition via text book, fact
connotation: how you say what it is, how you picture the denotation
anchorage: text that affects how we perceive an image, like the caption of a photo further explaining what the visual image is already telling us 
relay: text that gives an image meaning, without the text one would not know what's going on in the visual image