Thursday, January 30

Possible Ideas for P1

Design Issue: Graphic Design vs Fine Art
Quote: "Good art sends a different message to everyone. Good design sends the same message to everyone." -unknown

Design Issue: Cost of Design
Quote: "If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design." -Dr. Ralf Speth CEO Jaguar

Design Issue: Time Consuming
Quote: "Good designs will take time so keep calm and command z." -myself
(design humor)

Design Issue: Design is Everything/ Inspiration
Quote: "Find inspiration in everything and everywhere because design is everything and everywhere." -myself (something along these lines)

*Also interviewing Kelly tomorrow morning about her experience with professional practice and I might get some ideas from her. We'll be discussing the issue of how to keep a client happy while keeping your own design style.

P1 Silver Service: New York City- Miami

For my emotional appeal I'm thinking about using the idea that you start your trip in NYC, a fast pace city with must see attractions, also focusing on the fact that NYC is kind of an American milestone filled with things you've heard about your entire life and just got to see the history of your country (i.e. Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero). And after traveling down the entire east coast you'll finish your trip at the beach in Miami, experiencing Latin-influenced culture. A relaxing end to your trip with feel good Latin music and food.
**Could also play off weather differences

Rational Appeal=

Attractions in NYC:
Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Museum of Modern Art, American Museum of National History, Grand Central Terminal, Radio City Hall, Ground Zero, etc.

Attractions in Miami:
Jungle Island, Miami Seaquarium, Villa Vizcaya, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, Coral Castle, Miami Art Museum, Miami Tower, Venetian Islands, Venetian Pool, Intracoastal Waterway, etc.

Stops Along the way include: Washington DC, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, & Orlando

Wednesday, January 29

P1 Research

Before deciding which route I wanted to chose, I did some basic research on each option to narrow it down:

1. California Zaphyr: Chicago- San Francisco
highlights- Rocky Mountains, Sierra Nevadas, Moffat Tunnel, Colorado's Gore, Byars, Glenwood Canyons, Winter Park, Trukee River, Donnor River, San Pablo Bay, & Carquinez Strait

2. Capitol Limited: Washington DC- Cleveland- Chicago
highlights- B&O line, Potomac Valley, Harpers Ferry, Allegheny Mountains, Pittsburg

3. Carolinian/ Piedmont: Charlotte- Raleigh (extends to New York City)
highlights- Almanace Battleground, first US gold mine, transportation museum, raleigh symphony & ballet

4. Silver Service/ Palemetto: New York City- Miami (extends to Savannah, GA)
highlights- beach at Fort Landerdale, Busch Gardens, Okeechobee, Latin influenced food/ music

5. Empire Builder: St. Paul/ Minneapolis- Milwaukee- Spokane- Portland/ Seattle
highlights- Lewis & Clark trail, Mississippi River, Glassman Coulee Trestle, Glacier National Park, Columbia River Gorge, Mountain Hood, Bacon Park

6. Southwest Chief: Chicago- Albuquerque- Los Angeles
highlights- American west, wheat fields/ ranches, missions/ pueblos, mountains/ deserts, Grand Canyon

7. Sunset Limited: New Orleans- San Antonio- Los Angeles
highlights- Bayon Country, Mexican border, southwestern deserts, California mountains, Big Bend National Park

8. Texas Eagle: Chicago- St. Louis- Dallas- San Antonio
highlights- Land of Lincoln, Ozarks & through Little Rock, Alamo with riverwalk

Monday, January 27

Semiotics Defined

semiotics: communication in all visual forms broken down into organized 
categories to be better understood

sign: any visual element used to communicate something to an audience

signifier: symbol, icon, or index used to communicate something

signified: what the signifier is communicating

icon: signifier that looks like what it’s signifying; direct giveaway 

index: signifier that has clear link to what it’s signifying without directly giving it away 

symbol: signifier that must be learned but is understood to connect to what it’s signifying

syntagm: units that have a connection within each other usually in a form of sequence

paradigm: example of something

code: set of signs that a population understands

polysemy: many meanings for one thing