Wednesday, November 12

Initial Digital Iterations

Illustrations from Elisa:

Initial Digital Iterations:


  1. I like the way your illustrated monster characters look colored in, rather than full out digital color...really fun! The square sized boxes I am more drawn to rather than the last package shape! Definitely keep the color throughout the box...makes it pop more! Maybe try using other shapes throughout the box like the ones incorporated in your illustrations (circles, zig-zags)?..just an idea ..Great work!

  2. These are looking pretty good, I think the type made of the rollup is a good idea, but i would try maybe making the type in real life and the scanning it in or something, then you can change the color in photos shop. I just feel like you might get some more flowing, natural looking letter forms. As for the monsters the look pretty cool, I would go back to some of your previous ideas where the boxes were stacking. I thought those ideas where really clever.

  3. First off, I love the little illustrated monsters! I feel like they could work well with the overall design. Right now, however, I feel like the monsters and design are clashing with one another. The monsters have a hand-rendered feel to it, so maybe try to make the "Fruit by the Foot" logo look more like the monsters. I also feel like the design approach feels geometric and minimalist, which I'm not sure is working right now. Overall, I love the monsters and concept!

  4. The colors need a bit more saturation and brightness. The designs with tiles in the background are the most fun, but even so a bit ordered and adult looking. Color changes might fix that. Another fix would be to have a few squares rotated, shrunken or rounded ( just representing a non-conforming, energetic personality that your monster has). Maybe expand the tile pattern and have the monster hiding behind some of them.

    I don't really understand the environment that's going on right now. Is the monster doing acrobatics or falling? What's he sitting on?

    I really like your "berry" type, which surprises me because when I saw it big, it just looked too formal and delicate. In context it's good though. What do you think of making "fruit by the foot" less prominent? Outlines without white fill? Hiding behind the tiles? Much larger so that it's the background it's self? Masking out other elements with the type?

    Your monsters are so cute! Are you planning to have them interact anywhere? Next to each other on the shelf, or the inside flap encouraging you to get more when you've finished the contents?

    Does the tie dye monster have eyes? I thought it might be the loop on top of her head until I saw it colored. To me, eyes are a must even if there are a different number of them. Windows to the soul and all that, no matter how cute something is, it's a bit creepy with out eyes.

    The strawberry monster is gorgeous. I can imagine it winning the blue ribbon at a dog show.