Thursday, October 30

Union Station Interactive Timeline Process

updated user path: 
Patrick and I updated our user path. We also added in transitions from one frame to the next. We wanted to simplify the amount of motions that the user would learn. Now the user will only turn the dial and tap. The other transition will be an automatic flip from one main wireframe to the next, after the user chooses that path. 

visual user path: 
This shows what will happen if the user chooses to enter their departure time from the home screen and how they enter the time within that frame. 

home screen:
The outside circle will remain static. The shapes on the inside will be automatically turning. The user will only need to tap on the path that they want to enter. Once they choose, it will automatically turn again and deconstruct from 3d into a flat design.

personalization screen:
Once the user enters the flat design, the outside circle becomes a dial and the inside shapes remain static. From this point the user can decide they don't want to personalize their experience and tap "exit" taking them back to the home screen. Otherwise they will turn the dial, enter their train's departure time, and press enter. This will take them back to the home screen, with automatic alerts and updates.

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