Wednesday, October 29

Koenig Process

Since my last post, I created a new grid and set a few flow lines. I went through each spread and tweaked things so that there was a consistent structure from one page to the next. I realize that it's a little late in the game to just now be thinking about these things, and it's set me back just a tad. I designed the rest of the project spreads. The table of contents has been cut down to one spread and I've incorporated a typical list for easier usability. The map had some of the same issues: form wasn't following function. Hopefully I've resolved that now by making the map very large so things are easier to locate. This spread was designed to "mimic" the full title spread. I've ditched the timeline design and I'm working on redesigning it to "mimic" the table of contents. I like the idea of the beginning and ending of the book kind of being the frame for all the content in between.

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