Sunday, September 21

Progress on Tender Buttons in Motion

Sound Files:

With this potential "sound file", I would just use pieces without lyrics. 

Rough Animation:

So I got stuck on at the end of the first animation because I don't know how to get all of the objects to move together, without messing up previous null objects at the beginning. I figured someone could help me with this during class. But there aren't any other motions I need for the video once I figure out how to fix that one spot. Then the second animation would be the end of the first one. So I'll put them together eventually. Although this may not be the most beautiful animation, overall I'm starting to feel a lot more comfortable in After Effects! So once I get these "rough" animations down, maybe they will be start to be asethically pleasing as well. 

A Sound from Sara Garrison on Vimeo.

end of a sound from Sara Garrison on Vimeo.

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