Sunday, September 14

[p1] progress & cover ideas

Mocked up the entire book so I could see it in print and get a good critique for all the content. I'm just showing how the two of the poems look here. My book is pretty thick & you'll notice that my craft is not where it should be, so it's kinda just practice as well. 

Cover Sketches:

Matisse was one the artists that Gertrude Stein was inspired by. Sentence diagramming is often taught to beginners as "tree" diagramming because the shape the diagrams make sometimes can look like tree branches, roots etc. So this is an idea I'm thinking about to represent both the loose stream of consciousness of Stein's language (the style of painting) and the structure of diagramming (tree).

Another artists that she was inspired by was Picasso. This is the same idea as above but layering a portrait of Gertrude Stein by Picasso with the tree painting by Matisse. 

I began to think about how I could have the title on the cover without using type. So I wanted to see how "objects" would translate into hieroglyphics. It's interesting to me because it's obscure like her poems but visually it is made up of actual objects. So kinda the idea that it makes sense but doesn't make sense, like her poetry.  

Another idea of using the title without type. I recorded myself saying "objects" and then translated it into wave forms. It gives structure to a form of language without a visual structure, much like the concept of my book. 

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