Tuesday, September 9

Folly Poster 9 Iterations

For the first set I was thinking about the words: zeal, overlay (or layered), and innovative. The zeal is in the color scheme and playful type. Layered and innovative are within the graphic shape representing a violin. It's innovative because it's simplifying this complex complex instrument by layering graphic shapes on top of each other. 

For the second set I focused on the words: scattered and zeal. The feathers are influenced by the samba dancers attire. I tried to combine the idea of jazz with samba in this set, but I think this one turned out to be the least successful. 

Finally for the third set I was thinking about a whimsical hybrid. The overall shape is suppose to be like an inkblot but with all the instruments coming out of it, making a hybrid that represents the members of the group. 

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