Sunday, April 27

Magazine Spreads from Print to Digital: Wireframes

Scenario One: Adding Video

This is a link to the Obama Inauguration Speech because the quote I used from him came from this speech, so I was thinking that you could click on the quote and then this video would pop up. 
(just the video, not the entire site) This is the first time in history that a president addressed gay rights in an inauguration speech so I feel like that would be empowering to readers.

This links to a kickstarter video of a photography project by Braden Summers. He's the photographer of all the romantic imagery I've used. I thought it would be nice to show these photographs in context, and provide a call to action. This link also has all of the photographs from his series thus far, which would make a nice gallery. 

Another interaction idea was to make the survey/poll interactive, so a viewer could answer the questions, submit, then the results would update. I have no idea if this is possible, but it's just something I'm thinking about. Another route I could take would be to have the information how it is now, in my print version, so that it goes with the body copy, then simply have a call to action below it providing their own quiz and results. Just to hit on the idea that this issue is evolving and prove that just their one vote counts and makes a difference.

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