Sunday, April 6

Final Lecture Poster

Robynne Raye has been going through a copyright infringement battle with Target for months now. She's been very open to the public about the case, so for my hypothetical lecture I figured that she would talk about this issue and give advice to art students on how to handle this situation, as well as promoting students to fight for their creative rights. This is where the title comes in, "Fight with Words", Raye wrote in a blog post that this was her best advice to give someone who was in her situation. The overall style of my design is influenced by Raye's bold sense of humor, process, and unusual approach to poster design. All of the typography is very playful and at times punny. The imagery of Vanderslice was found in the garden in front of the green, just to subtly hit on Raye's love for gardening, she's a total flower nerd. 

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