Tuesday, April 15

Final Bike Walk KC Poster

My general audience is a young women in her early 20's. I'm using two rhetorical tropes; synecdoche and irony. Synecdoche comes from Wonder Women representing female power, sex appeal, and freedom. It's ironic that Wonder Women is wondering about biking. The idea that this women who has it all, including the ultimate traveling power: the power to fly, has the desire to bike. 

McKenzie Marston is my specific audience member & she's going to comment here with feedback :) 

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  1. Sara,

    At first glance before reading your description I appreciated the colors, the body position of WW (not too sexy) and the simplicity of the composition.
    After reading what you described I see all of those things: Female power, sex appeal, and freedom. I think that WW has a certain attitude and comes with a history. Everyone knows that she is a strong, bold woman so placing her next to just "wonder" gives me an idea that yes, as a city girl I can go out get a bike and wonder/discover a city. I think you really made the colors (instead of the typical red/blue/yellow) more modern and young. The teal is really bright and eye catching which makes the message even more powerful. I feel like she is just flying along and is thinking, "What would riding a bike be like? I should try that out!" The poster is about a woman but it doesn't feel overly feminine to me which is nice.

    Right now, I wonder what the type might look like with by adding some of that painted feel you did for WW. I think the typeface works, it's just really smooth and clean whereas, the bike and WW are much more textured. I like how bold "wonder" is but I also like the motion that you created with WW. I would be interested in seeing the type have some more motion to it possibly?

    Hope this helps!