Monday, April 7

Definitions (in my own words)

- personification: when an object is given human like qualities 
ex. a flower that talks

- hyperbole: when something is extremely exaggerated 
ex. a million flowers to prove you love gardening 

- punhumorous play on words or images that emphasize or create different meaning 
ex. Laven der weather today (with an image of Lavender)

- antithesis: opposite things shown together, juxtaposing things to create meaning 
ex. a flower with a tree truck to show it's strength 

- irony: use of words that mean the opposite of what they typically mean in culture, by combining things with similar characteristics 
ex. flower that grows into the earth rather than out of it

- metonomy: a detail, or piece of something that stands in as a symbol for a greater concept
ex. flower pedals representing "he loves me, he loves me not"

- synechdoche: when something stands in as a symbol for a larger group of people or concept
ex. a rose representing love

- metaphor: applying something that doesn't provide literal meaning by combining different things
ex. a flower with guns as pedals representing love

- parody: taking something that already exist in culture and altering it to create meaning 
ex. Georgia O' Keef's flowers painted with benday dots to imply modern women 

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