Tuesday, April 29

Cyber Shadow

I, as communicator A, posts a photo, which is a screenshot of a post I made on facebook. This is my message. I logged into instagram, where my message is given context by the things in my newsfeed. Those things could also create noise, effecting my perception of the message I'm sending. I clicked the button to make a post which turned the camera on, showing the context of where I was when I made the post. This along with what I'm was doing at the time of the message creation could also effect the message.Which in this case I was writing a research paper. I choose which photo I wanted to post, added a filter, caption, and then tags "students everywhere," all of which enhance the message and allows my message to be directed towards specific people. People give feedback, including me, communicator B.

Kendall sees my post in the context of her own Instagram feed. Again, what's in her feed contributes noise, effecting how see views the message I sent. The skull emoji looks a little different on her screen compared to how it looks on mine. On her screen it's more simplified. This is also a good example of technical noise. I give my feedback by hitting the like button, and then I comment, outputting another message. This is then seen in the context of the other feedback, making her communicator B. 

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