Tuesday, March 4

P2 Timeline Progress

To further push the idea of "1000 Songs in Your Pocket" I wanted to show a much of Cd's going into the timeline of the iPod. Initially I wanted to use the Apple colors but I didn't like the way it looked & the Cd's were getting busy/ not really looking like Cd's. I really like the strong contrast from left to right because it shows how much simpler things got after the invention of the iPod. 

To make the Cd's look more like Cd's, I overlaid a vector image of a disc and lowered the opacity. This muted out the colors which I liked so I changed the color of the larger circle. I find this design to be way more successful. 

Finally, I wanted to see what it would be like without all the colored discs. 
Main Ideas Presented: "1000 Songs in Your Pocket", past vs present, motion, & connectivity

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