Wednesday, March 12

P2 Reshoot

I did a reshoot of Vanderslice today. I felt like my raw images weren't speaking enough to Robynne and I was relying on the manipulation of the photos. So I reshot today, this time thinking of things that Robynne would be interested in, as if she were a tourist on our campus and capturing things she liked. While shooting I was thinking about her love for food, gardening, and her bold sense of humor. Please keep in mind that these are completely raw images.

I went inside Cafe Nerman to provide her love for food. If she were on our campus I have a feeling that she would stop in here. With these images I was thinking about making an illustration out of them. A typical thing I've noticed in some of her poster design is that she tends to to use imagery that one wouldn't think to use right of the bat. There's always a clever connection, but she's not one to just put an obvious image. With the microwave and stuff I was also thinking that this would relate to her humor.

Because Robynne is a garden nerd, I figured that she would explore our surrounding landscape or admire flowers in Cafe Nerman. The two middle images in this group remind me of a place she would enjoy being surrounded by the trees. The last image has beautiful colors, so I was thinking about maybe pulling colors from it.

Lastly, I considered her bold sense of humor and obscure figures she creates. With the first two stone images, I can picture her using their heads and illustrating them with a body or maybe just feet. The last three were just kind of abstract, but I was thinking about how she uses things that don't always connote that clear connection. I was attracted to the language in the last image for potential humor, access at rear, as well as the strange arrangement on the wall. I think Robynne would find these things to be funny placed together and doodling over the image to enhance that. 

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