Sunday, March 30

Lecture Poster: Three Subtle Variations

These designs show exploration within the supporting text. Each design below has a different way of showing the date/time, overall arrangement of supporting type, and some with abbreviations for words others written all the way out. Since Friday, Robynne Raye's name has had major change. Now it's more dominate and playful. 

Variation I; The date/ time is stacked and includes the day of the week it falls on. Website information is listed on the right side of the target dog. "KCAI" is abbreviated and the location information placed under the "R" on the left side.  

Variation II; The date/ time is all on one line of text. "Kansas City Art Institute" is written out. Placement of location information the same as variation one. Website information is underneath "words".

Variation III; The date/ time is stacked & "seven" is written out. Website placement is the same as variation one. Location information is split into specifics & address. Specifics are under the "R" on the left side and address info is under "words". 

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