Saturday, March 8

Email Blast Final

Design I: This design provides an ethos appeal from the logo of the Human Rights Campaign as well as all of the facts listed. Although the facts fit in to the Logos appeal, they also provide creditability to the overall message. Again the DOMA facts and up to date "breaking news" on the topic provide the Logos appeal because it's giving information to back what it's persuading. The Pathos appeal comes from the imagery and language used at the top because they appeal to the viewers emotion. 

example of design I in a gmail message 

example of design I in a smartphone layout

Design II: This design is overall very similar to the first design. I just wanted to provide an example of the company sending out multiple emails,viewers would pass by something they thought they've already seen. So by changing the image and color palette, it engages the reader while still showing the same layout providing the information is from the same campaign (or company or whatever). The appeals are the same as before only now the text at the top provides an ethos appeal because it's a quote from the president and people will feel like it's more credible because of that.  

example of design II in a gmail message

example of design II in a smartphone layout 

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