Thursday, February 27

Typography In Motion Final

This project was my first time creating a motion graphic and using AfterEffects. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There are so many other elements to consider when working with motion compared to all the print design we've been doing up until this point. There's the challenges of transitions, timing, sound, patience, and attention to detail. My piece also has a section of stop motion so making digital and analog cohesively work together was one of my biggest challenges. When working with multiple heavy pattern backgrounds, it can be hard to create smooth transitions in between the key frames but I learned that the way in which the type animates from one screen to the next is most important. After eight attempts at getting the transition from analog to digital I finally got it down by incorporating the next frame into the beginning and ends of the stop motion by zooming to and from. Timing is everything and this is when attention to detail really comes into play because the slightest thing can make the entire motion seem off. My stop motion section was entirely too long for awhile because you don't realize 70 photographs take awhile compared to the simple 3 seconds for type to animate digitally. This challenge was fun and I think in the end this section adds a lot of character to the video. I learned that timing is purely by your gut feeling. If you feel like you're looking at one thing too long or you feel like you didn't get a chance to read the type, it just simply needs to be messed around with. Lastly, working with video taught me an entirely new meaning of patience. There's a lot of waiting; rendering, uploading, and then what Vimeo calls "waiting in line" for your video to actually be online. I wasn't used to working with such big file sizes and the consequences for that. Most of all during the process I learned to take a dose of my own medicine by keeping calm and pressing command z.

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