Monday, February 3

Storyboards for P1

idea I: mixture of graphic elements and photographic elements (stop motion)
This was my strongest storyboard during crit earlier today, some weak aspects mentioned were transitions, inclusion of "fail" in general just weak language in comparison, some typeface changes, and ultimately that the second row of frames was weak and needed to be reworked. 

idea II: relying more on graphic elements with possible screen cap 
This was overall weaker then my first idea and we didn't spend too much time discussing it. There was a lot of disconnect overall. 

Refined idea: Response to Crit 
I removed the section of the quote including "fail", because I felt it was redundant. I've decided to use a circular motion for major transitions to provide a cohesive playfulness. Further on that idea of playfulness, I changed the "make mistakes" section entirely to a sort of collage type thing so that it speaks what it's saying- using bits and pieces of potential scrap papers to spell out mistakes. The video (if all goes as planned) will interchange from vector graphics to stop motion. ("risk","make" "keep calm and" will all be graphic while "experiment", "mistakes", and the buttons "command" and "z" will be photographic) It was also suggested that I bring the quote back in towards the end to kinda review what the viewer just experienced which I think is a great idea, I'm just going to see how to work that in After Effects because in analog form I really like it ending with just "Keep Calm and Command Z." 

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