Sunday, February 23


My signifiers are representing civil rights milestones. I fused text and image by using the signifiers as a zero in that civil right's date and the "o" in "now". By placing these in chronological order and showing that women's rights and desegregation have happened and evolved with the times, it emphases that now is the time to make marriage equality the next civil rights milestone in our Nation's history. The text and image relationship is relay because the dates and word "now" change the meaning. If the image was standing alone it would just read as civil rights, but with the text added it provides history of the civil rights and implies that there is no time to waste for marriage equality. 

This signifier represents homosexual marriage. I wanted to make a set of stickers that were type dominate and just use the signifier as a way to connect the three separate ideas together. I pulled quotes from famous people and then just a humorous statement that all support gay rights. I was trying to appeal to the younger generation and think of stickers they would want to put on their notebook or car. I could image these trending and people making more like "Keep Calm and Carry On", and how people used the crown as a way to associate them together. The text and image relationship is also relay because the text doesn't restate the image, it gives the image meaning. 

This signifier represents political parties uniting on the issue of marriage equality. To contrast my other sticker designs and speak to the signifier itself, I wanted to speak to a sophisticated audience. I used the colors red and blue to enhance the idea of liberals and conservatives. They're shown on opposite ends of the black image in the middle to provide that they're not united yet but they could be. The text and image relationship is anchored because the text just restates what the image stands for alone or the text works as a caption rather giving away exactly what the signifier is representing. 

Overall I felt like my stickers could live anywhere in our Nation and make sense because I'm speaking to civil rights which applies to everyone. But I did design with different audiences in mind so with the first two signifiers I just stuck them around campus where I saw other students had put their stickers and on the notebooks like I had mentioned before. The last design is for an older audience so I stuck it in practical places like the glass door into a building and an information wall.  


  1. Ring stickers: As a viewer on da street, I see the hierarchy of type first and then my eye reads to the bottom and sees the imperfect symbol and who said the quote. It's interesting how you used such a perfect typeface with your imperfect symbol, it creates a good contrast and adds meaning to saying "shit this problem isn't completed yet." Some connotation I can pick up on are: Imperfect, Hand drawn, Bold, Loud, B&W and Fearless. Your stickers from what I see are mainly Relay, due to the multiple meanings I find when reading the text and seeing the imperfect symbol. One more thing, the bottom line of type on each sticker seems a little to close to the body of type.

  2. as a viewer on the street what is the meaning?
    as a viewer i see a time line, saying 20’s 60’s and NOW. i can see that 0 of the 20’s there is a connection to women’s rights, in the 0 of the 60’s there is a connection for racial rights and in the O of the NOW there is the sexuality equality symbol. The over all meaning is a reflection between the past and the present and the change in rights for all people.

    what are the connotations you are getting?
    Color - the colors are back and orange which to me don’t mean anything at first glance. i don’t see it as a negative or a positive choice of color. it just is. it doesn’t take away or add anything to the symbols.

    Shapes - the circles add a positive connotation for me because they represent a cycle and the subject is time and change and an uninterrupted circle means things will continue to change.

    Rendering style - the cross hatching gives me a sense of old, maybe worn feel, and the extending lines give me planning or a building connotation.

    Typeface - in my opinion the typeface doesn’t necessarily go with the symbols, theres a bit of a disconnect.

    Compositional - the layout going from top to bottom really helps push the idea of time

    is it anchor or relay?

    i believe it is anchor because the rights in and of themselves are hysterical so the addition of the dates and the word now only point out what is already there and help the viewer see that and read the symbols in that manner.