Saturday, February 8

Response to Crit

In response to critique on Friday, I'm going with my second style (patterns/ high contrast). I surfed paper source like Mckenzie suggested and found more great patterns to work with. All while keeping in mind that the patterns needed to be darker overall so that type wouldn't get lost. Also going with my idea of "high contrasted style", I've made most of the type white so that it jumps off the screen and also solving the legibility issue. I'm debating whether I want to keep the word "risk" within the road sign or make it more like the other frames. I also can't decide whether I should include the "keep calm crown" so that there's a clear reference. Other changes to note: the command z keys are white and command doesn't literally have the word command on it, but I figured graphic designers are only going to understand this humor anyway. I also plan on having an ending frame with the entire quote shown looking something like this:

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