Tuesday, February 25

P2 Timeline First Draft

Because Apple has accomplished so many things, I decided to narrow my topic down to "Evolution of the iPod". The invention of the iPod goes hand in hand with invention of iTunes. Both iTunes and iPods changed the way we listen to music forever so I thought this was a good topic to land on.

I wanted to make my timeline look as though it's being searched in iTunes. I picked ten of the most different versions of the iPod and displayed them according to model. They are presented as albums would be in iTunes. I went off the idea of music genres and replaced that with iPod models. Underneath each iPod image I put name of model, date it was released, and amount of GB. It doesn't make sense to list these in chronological order because they were making different models at the same time. This design speaks to Apple. I'm thinking about making little icons to in the far left to represent each model. 

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