Wednesday, February 12

P1 Revised Posters

I got a good response to the interaction with type and background last crit so I added to that by flipping "service" to face the other direction. That way the poster feels as though it's interactive. I also listed the cities. I changed the typeface from Gill Sans Light to Gear. 

I completely changed this one because I needed more information and my last design was pretty weak with little response during crit. I wanted to highlight facts but ordered them in a readable way that makes sense. For example "10 cities" in "32 hours". I tried to add color to this but had a lot of trouble so I'm going to see how the layout goes during tomorrow's crit and maybe get suggestions for color. Typefaces include: Blanch (inline and regular), and Gill Sans Light


  1. love the quantitative typeface—what? loved the direction you were going yesterday—where?

    1. Quantitive typeface is Blanch (inline & regular weights) with Gill Sans Light. I just made a new post with the work from yesterday!