Tuesday, February 18

P1 Final

Qualitative: For this design I was thinking about the train running through all these busy cities at night and how the light would look for a passenger looking out of the window. Because I'm depicting a  fleeting moment, I only showed a few key facts about the Silver Service. Typefaces used include Gill Sans Light and Klinic Slab. "Silver Service" is tracked out and has lower opacity as if it's also flying by. All of the stops are listed at the bottom and other information includes the year it started and how long the trip takes. This poster is qualitative because the imagery is primary and the information is secondary.  

Quantitive: For this design I was thinking about the look and feel of the train which is very industrial while still providing a sense of motion. The colors and geometric shapes connote industrial while the blurred center and circle graph connote motion. Information includes train numbers, number of stops, duration of travel, how many miles traveled, when the route started, and names the cities that are visited. I tried to depict the cities as a journey, highlighting NYC and Miami as the departure and arrival stops. You have to go through Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Richmond, Charleston, Savannah, Jacksonville, and Orlando in order to get to Miami. Richmond is in Medium weight because it's the midway point. Typefaces used include Blanch and Klinic Slab. This poster is quantitive because the factual information is primary and easy to understand. 

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