Sunday, February 16

P1 Final

issue: marriage equality 

remodeled civil rights: symbol 
This signifier is a symbol because there is a clear link to women's rights, end of segregation, and marriage equality but this design must be learned because it's very abstract. The female symbol matched with a check mark is understood as a female voting. The two hands are a clear to an agreement of some kind and the wedding ring with an equal sign references marriage rights. But until the signifiers are placed together and put into context, a viewer won't immediately see "civil rights."

remodeled homosexual marriage: symbol
This signifier is a symbol because a rainbow references gay pride, the rings represent marriage, and the overall heart shape represents love but again the design is very abstract so it must be learned.

remodeled uniting of political parties: symbol 
This signifier is a symbol because the two business ties tied together represent political agreement and the rainbow represent gay pride. Put together they connote political parties uniting on the issue of gay rights. As the other two signifiers, it also must be learned and put into context therefore it's a symbol.

connotation: remodeling 
I picked the connotation "remodeling" to imply that the larger issue, Marriage Equality, still has a long way to go. Showing civil rights milestones in a state of revamping also implies that women's rights and racial equality could improve and be more equal so to speak. Showing individually homosexual marriage in this sketchy style provides that there's a long way to go before marriage is equal for everyone. Even in the state of California, the laws are still not completely equal. For example, a homosexual couple may get married but if they divorce they may not ever marry again but heterosexual couples can remarry multiple times. Although overall conservatives have recently become more open to the idea of gay marriage, political parties are ultimately on opposite ends of this issue and I think it's clear to everyone that there's a long way to go before there's an agreement. I just wanted the signifiers to show that these issues have only hit the rim toward success and if these were designs, they would only be a sketch of the entire process. 

business card idea w/ civil rights symbol:

promotional poster w/ homosexual marriage symbol:
uniting of political parties w/ color:

The bottom one was done with pen ink and then the top one is edited after being scanned in.



  1. sara, your writing here is very good. correct on all three counts with your sign categories (three symbols). your rationale for all of your design decisions is quite solid. i do think some of the formal elements could be improved, however. your line color is too light and possibly too thin to have adequate visual presence. it's tricky because you want to show the idea of things not being finished, but they need to have adequate figure/ground contrast. i would recommend reducing the number of lines and thickening them up. i think that would give more visual presence while still retaining the "remodeling" connotation. the problem becomes evident in the poster application with the image looking pretty lightweight compared to the type. another small formal problem is that the ties really cramp the bottom of your circle. they could be moved up overall and the bottom curve could be less abrupt.

    what is good about these is the consistency of line quality/weight, overall complexity and recurring use of the circular motif. good things that create a cohesive set. you also chose good signs/symbols to communicate your concepts.

    your second color application works quite well, but it loses the sketchiness of the "remodeling" idea. how can you integrate both things?

    overall, very good ideas, presented consistently, with good writing. work on those formal improvements and you will have a very strong set of signs.

  2. I worked on the formal improvements you suggested and posted them in the post titled "Refined Signifiers". I agree that the figure/ground contrast helps and will be easier to work with type. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!