Sunday, February 9

P1: Connotations Added to Civil Rights Signifier

Three original signifiers. Starting from the top: End Discrimination, Liberals and Conservatives Uniting, and Civil Rights are all subconcepts to support the greater issue of Marriage Equality. 

Here are three different directions for "official" connotations added to the Civil Rights signifier. The first one is like a check list and shows two major civil rights movements from our nation's history checked off with gay rights as another milestone that needs to be checked. The second idea was to take the icons and make them look like official seals. And the last idea was inspired by an official stamp. While making these I was trying to speak to the government as a potential audience or client.

Going the completely opposite direction, here are signifiers under a "whimsical" connotation. I wanted to speak to the youth and future of our nation in a fun way. The first direction was to make a female figure referencing the "yes we can" women's right campaign, all races shown in an equal sign, and a rainbow with two hearts. Just simple kinda cutesy way of depicting the same ideas. The second set has the original signifiers in hot air balloons just to play off the idea of "whimsical" and it also shows women rights and racial equality rising while gay rights hasn't left the ground yet. The last one I wanted to try and show civil rights as a whole instead of separately.

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