Monday, February 3

P1 Concept Direction

Main Topic: Marriage Equality 

Concept One: end discrimination
ex. image of someone speaking out, peace sign, gavel
Concept Two: civil rights
ex. fist (power), constitution, group of people marching, balance, gavel
Concept Three: Conservatives & Liberals must unite
ex. elephant and donkey together, red & blue ties, open mind
Concept Four:  freedom
ex. american flag, statue of liberty, arms spread, birds, dandelion
Concept Five: relationships/ love
ex. holding hands, kissing, hearts, cupid
Concept Six: hate crime
ex. fire, anger, caution tape, blood shed, rebel flag

* rough sketching and initial brainstorming 

Narrowed down directions:
End Discrimination, Civil Rights, 
Uniting Conservative and Liberals

The first image here represents "uniting conservatives and liberals" using index.
The second drawing made up of 3 smaller icons represents "civil rights" and keying in on major breakthroughs in our nation's history, providing that this is another major issue.
The last one is still is sketching phase but I do know that I want to use imagery of gender to convey "end of discrimination".  

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