Friday, February 21

Apple Milestone Timeline

1977 - Apple II is unveiled, the first personal computer in a plastic case with color graphics.
1983 - Apple starts selling the "Lisa," a desktop computer for businesses with a graphical user interface, the system most users are familiar with today.
1984 - Apple debuts the Macintosh personal computer. It is hyped with a dark, stylized commercial in which a heroine takes on Big Brother characters reminiscent of those in George Orwell's novel "1984" (here).

1991 - Apple introduces the PowerBook 100, its first hit portable computer.
1993 - The Newton Message Pad debuts. Apple's first handheld device, it has a touchscreen and features tools found in today's smartphones, such as an address book, calendar and e-mail function. It flops.
November 1997 - Jobs introduces a new line of Macintosh computers called G3, and a website that lets people order directly from Apple.
1998 - Apple unveils the iMac desktop computer.

2001 - Apple introduces the iPod, a palm-sized, hard-drive-based digital music player.
2003 - The iTunes Store opens, allowing users to buy and download music, audiobooks, movies and TV shows online.
2005 - The iPod adds video, and Apple fills out its portable media line with the low-end iPod shuffle, and sleek iPod nano.
January 2007 - Apple announces the iPhone. The device features one button on its smooth face and a virtual keyboard. It also introduces Apple TV, which attracts few buyers.
2008 - Apple opens its App Store as an update to iTunes. The store features small applications -- from games to social and business tools -- that add functions to the iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple also releases the MacBook Air.

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