Thursday, November 7

Digital Diagrams

(wall display above)


Upper Case Q- trademark letterform of 
Baskerville because of it's beautiful, fancy tail
lower case g- easily broke down into parts & looks calligraphic 
Upper case J- Only small cap to have a descender

Style One: Minimalism

Style Two: Hierarchy 

Style Three: Layering

Style Four: Dynamic 

Style Five: Elegant 

Design Slam

Keynote Slides for Book Cover Crit

Revised Paragraphs

*I revised the small errors throughout the text, but mainly reworded the "Historical Context" section to make it less confusing and I added to my explanation of the quote about the survey. 

Wednesday, November 6

Design Slam

Five Best Designs from Each Group 

<1. Leading>

<3. Weight/ Style>

<4. Scale>
<2. Indent>