Wednesday, October 16

Image Progress: Phase II

For my group with used models I picked a different image from this shoot to represent Emily in the "A Rose for Emily". This image is the correct orientation and I feel like having the eyes closed adds a lot.

Also, for the group with models used, I cropped the image of the eye. I like having one better than the two, makes it less a photo of Myle's eye and more an image of the theme.  
I cut out and cleaned up the image of the dead bug. I'm experimenting with the idea of making the theme "decay" stronger. I like the way it looks, but I'll have to see how it works as a book cover. 

*Reshoot Ideas: I have three images that I want to reshoot. 
One for each "group" actually. The image of the guy with blood on 
his face... I want to reshoot with more obvious blood and just need the 
image to be stronger overall. The image with the foot imprinted into the concrete, 
I want to reshoot so that the imprint looks like a barefoot or just a shoe that is believable
 from that time period. And lastly, I plan to reshoot the image of the chain in the "abstract"
 image group. The other two images in that group are purely texture taking up the entire frame, 
so I want to get an image of a chain with that same effect.