Friday, October 11

Response to Critique

 To make my final three go together more cohesively as a whole, I took my analog sketch of 'hysterical' and scanned it in. In photoshop, I cut out each piece of the letter and set it up on a grid. I also pumped up the contrast to make it look more black. Now that I've approached each word (hysterical, wilt, scuff) with experimental analog, I think there's less of a disconnect and they all seem as a group. 

Process on Rebranding Tabasco

I had the most trouble with the one color design. The first image's design I feel is my strongest, keep in mind I was working on top of a scan in of the original packaging, so the different shade of red tabs aren't seen once the box is constructed. 

Final Metaphor Part One

Wednesday, October 9

Narrowed Down Ideas

I narrowed down according to strong images with strong themes, as well as trying to group the images so that they seem to go together as a whole for all three stories. The first "group" is strong images where I used a model for each different story. Then the second "group" is more obvious and simple ideas. While the last "group" is abstracted images and ideas. This way I have a diverse nine images to work with, while still allowing the stories to seem like they go together. 

Explanation of Photo Sketches

Barn Burning

1st Row's Theme: Loyalty to Family
1. family ties 2. balance between family & law 3. proud to bleed for family
2nd Row: Loyalty to the Law
1. crime 2. darkness 3. lack of freedom
3rd Row: Search for Peace
1. peace 2. extinguish the fire 3. guilt

A Rose for Emily

4th Row: Tradition vs Change
1. change 2. emily/ masking who she really is 3. crossroads between the two
5th Row: Power of Death
1. showing crazy on the outside 2. drowned metaphor 3. symbol of death (powerful)
6th Row: Dust
1. dust 2. protective presence of dust 3. decay

Red Leaves

7th Row's Theme: Slavery
1. abuse 2. racism 3. isolation
8th Row's Theme: Loss of Cultural Identity
1. despair 2. broken 3. search
9th Row Theme: National/ Ethical Themes
1. national 2. white settlers power to effect the people 3. acceptance of corruption in society (constant imagery of eyes throughout story)

Tuesday, October 8

Photo Sketches




Experimenting with Analog

I cut letters out of acetate and spray painted them black, 
this is what they looked like before.

And then I burnt the ends so that the word "wilt" would actually look like it's wilting.


I used a pen and wrote "scuff" a few times on construction paper. 
Then used sandpaper to alter the letters in a few different ways. 

Monday, October 7


It's always awkward to evaluate yourself, but here it goes. I am completely new to graphic design so overall the semester this far has been a struggle, just trying to figure everything out and learn. I've completed all of the assignments so I guess that qualifies me as an average student. I wouldn't consider my own work to be above and beyond that because I am so new to design and I have so much left to learn. With project one, I redid the entire thing at least three times. Finally, I tried to take the project a little more advanced idea by making the entire thing coherent to one theme. (Sharks) But I think in doing that, I lacked strong definitions for the book. I'm still working on fixing this project. For project two, my client was Myles. It was pretty fun, I felt that my logos where successful in depicting what I was trying to convey about him. As far as the blog goes, I keep it updated well. During critique I give adequate feedback. I could probably give more but I try and give constructive commentary. Overall as a student in the class I feel like I definitely qualify as an average student, but probably a little above average because I know I work hard although the quality of my work may not be where I want it yet. I'm hoping to exceed average as the semester continues as I am now getting used to everything.


This is how the packaging originally looked.
Then I researched some other hot sauce packaging for some inspiration/ ideas. 
Here's some things I found that I think I can pull ideas from.