Saturday, October 5

More Sketches for Project 4

I just think something special happens during analog sketching, when there's a mistake or two that ends up being your best idea. So I made some more sketches just to see if it would spark anything. I was focusing on the word "wilt" because I didn't have a sketch that was strong enough from the homework. Now that I have a variety of compositional ideas, I'm gonna work on experimenting with the letterforms in other analog ways such as using a x-acto knife and heat gun to plastic.

Friday, October 4

Project 4 Analog Sketches

typeface: Gill Sans Light 

Experimental ideas: 
wilt- want to make letters out of plastic and use the heat from a hair drier or heat gun and naturally curl the edges
scuff- want to use paint, ink, or chalk to construct the letters and then actually use a shoe to scuff across the letters
hysterical- want to cut out letters in different ways and scatter around 

Thursday, October 3

Project 2 Digital Sketches

*Note: images are screenshots and that's where the thin black line around 
edges of images came from, doesn't really look like that

Wednesday, October 2

Project 4 Brainstorming

Hysterical: excessive uncontrollable emotion, hysteria, troubled deeply
Squirm / twist / wriggle: move in twisting motion, usually out of discomfort
Glide / sail / soar: effortlessly, fly, move or pass silently, smoothly, or imperceptibly
Boil /churn: water turns to vapor, agitated emotional state, painful sore, transformation
Scramble / jumble / struggle: to move fast, disorganized, make unintelligible
Decay: rotting, become inferior
Wilt: lose strength, droop
Scuff / wear down: act of scuffing, scraping, or dragging

Flinch: draw back, as with fear or pain

William Faulkner Themes

Barn Burning

  • loyalty to family vs loyalty to law
  • search for peace
  • darkness
  • fire
  • spoiled rug

A Rose for Emily

  • Tradition vs change
  • power of death 
  • watching 
  • Dust
  • Emily's House
  • Strand of hair

Red leaves 

  • morals vs lust for power
  • race
  • slavery/ control 
  • wearing the shoes
  • slippers
  • horse eyes compared to "Negro's" eyes
  • mud
  • cannibalism ?

Sunday, September 29

Project 2: "Client" Research

  • Myles Thompson 
  • only child
  • street style
  • Brooklyn
  • positive, happy, smiley 
  • prefers serif fonts
  • social butterfly 
  • trendy
  • favorite brands: HUF, Hypebeast, Mighty Healthy, & Worlds Original Face
  • his own brand: Metaphy
  • Lived: New York, Arizona, Missouri
  • hiphop
  • Urban culture 
  • believes in retail therapy  

Final Constructed Image Print