Thursday, September 12

Project Two

I found a rounded typeface, Moderna, that didn't have such strong connotations with a retro theme and I really love the way these two letterforms flow together aesthetically and representationally. I like to use lower case letters because I'm very small and short, I just feel like my letters should be too if they're representing me. As for the roundness of the letters it represents how I just go with the flow, I love spontaneity and just going with whatever life throws at me. My favorites are the "logos" with flowing continuous lines that show and represent me best out of all of the logos I designed.

I absolutely love this typeface I used for the uppercase "G", it's called 1942 Report. The reason behind my madness is that this typeface looks like it's handprinted and many of the letters have "mistakes"as if it was being silkscreened and an accidental double letter effect. This typeface represents my natural desire to get crafty and messy. While I paired it with a clean "s" because that represents my other artistic side who wants clean lines and intricate detail. I've always enjoyed the mixture of the two in my art work. To me this set of "logos" shows myself as an artist best. My favorite is the bottom left. 

I had fun messing around with these letters. The top three are Futura and the bottom three are Blackoak. My favorites here are the top right and bottom center. The top right represents how much I enjoy negative space and the things it can do. It's great when things aren't so in your face obvious but still understandable. I just love the lowercase Blackoak "g", it's short, bold, blunt, and it's me. 

Wednesday, September 11

Progress of Project Two

And here's the 30 words I chose to describe me:  Short, pale, adventurous, small, blunt, fabulous, timid, motivated, imaginative, timid, playful, caring, sarcastic, generous, direct, artistic, sassy, thoughtful, versatile, passionate, intelligent, crafty, social, easy-going, female, impulsive, helpful, friendly, independent, and determined. 

First Attempt at Color Harmonies

Originally I was interested in shooting interior spaces because I find it intriguing to see what colors people choose to live in. I ended up going to an antique mall to get this interior vibe all in one stop. I'm going to reshoot and redesign the layouts of the slides because this is not strong enough for my standards. Also I noticed that the antique mall kind of has the same colors throughout the store. For example I used orange in almost all of my slides and I'm looking for more diversity in color use.