Saturday, August 31

Emotional Responses to Color

Bright red 186:
anger, anxiety, hunger, devil, evil, naughty, sensual, blood,
caution, danger, target, embarrassment, apple/sin, fire, heat, aggressive, infecting, overpowering, desire, implosive, love, Valentine’s Day, candy cane, heart, Christmas, fame, fruit, cosmetics, passion, cupid, flowers, power, courage, native, feminine

Vibrant Orange 1585:
arrogant, increase hunger, heat, sparks, empowering, vitamin, nourishing, healing, engaging, citrus, joy, sunshine, energy, determination, attraction, success, stimulation, fall, harvest, pumpkin

Bright Yellow 116:
Warning, arousal, cowardice, spontaneous, attention, cheerful, joy, happiness, intellect, energy, honor, loyalty, safety, children, sunshine, adolescent

Earth Brown 438:
Dirty, natural, fertile, death, structure, support, protection, honest, genuine, farming, strength, maturity, dull, predictable, cheap, Mother Nature, bombshell

Deep Blue 2747:
Ocean, cleanliness, calming, unity, sky, confidence, strength, sadness, loneliness, wisdom, peace, loyalty, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, depth, stability, calming, tranquility, sincerity, piety, cleanliness, intellect, masculine, knowledge, seriousness

Chartreuse Green 584:
sickness, cowardice, jealousy, ill, immature, restful, nature, erotic, growing, strength, adolescent, fresh

Blue Purple 267:
frustration, confusion, gloom, dreamy, royalty, power, luxury, extravagance, wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, magic, adolescent

Charcoal Gray 425:
Storm, upset, formal, old, light weight, creamy, danger, gloomy, warning, thunder, sadness

Light, purity, goodness, virginity, perfection, cleanliness, positive, faith, coolness, snow, winter, cold, frozen, simplicity, charitable, angels, hospitals, sterility, medical, dairy, health, calm, Marriage, church


Power, elegance, formality, death, evil, mystery, fear, unknown, negative, strength, authority, formal, prestigious, grief, perception, depth, diminishing, contrast, aggressive, funeral, heavy

Wednesday, August 28

Show & Tell

I found this typeface in one of the books I got from the library today, it's called Lettera 1. The entire book is just full of different typefaces, but this one stuck out to me because I'm attracted to effective use of white on black. The curve of the letters reminds me of pieces of metal wedged together making only a slightly forced curve. This typeface feels very industrial to me.

Because the other book didn't show any text embedded in a design, I also got Text & Image by Mark Wigan. Within the book I found this artist Ben Freeman who created these four typographical knifes made up of hurtful words. It's titled Vicious Statements. I enjoyed the irony of the design.


Tuesday, August 27

Blog Specs

Page text specs:
Font- Molengo
Text color-#666666 (dark grey)
Point size- 12px
I chose Molengo to have a simple, legible font for the body of my posts. This area of my blog will have the lengthiest amount of text and information, which is why the size is 12px. The text color is light grey to go with the Minimalistic theme. My color scheme is ultimately black and white, but grey is a neutral between the two. The use of this grey gives off an elegant and formal aesthetic.

Background Colors:
Outer- #ffffff (white)
Main- #fffffff (white)
Header- transparent
Also going with black and white minimalistic color scheme. White provides a very clean background. The text is popping off the page; I didn’t want any pattern to distract from easily accessible & legible information.

Link color- #7ba16a (light green)
Visited color- #888888 (light grey)
Hover- #7ba16a (light green)
The link color is the only text opposing the black and white theme. Mainly to keep the links functional for viewers on the page, making the links stand out from the rest of the text. I used this light earthly green to bring a little splash of an organic earth tone. The only other color at all used on the page is in my photograph in about me, the green font matches the leaves in the picture.  The color scheme is an overall interpretation of this representation of me.

Blog title:
Font- homemade apple
Color- #666666 (dark grey)
The blog title is in Homemade Apple because I like the idea of working with the hand and I felt my name should be in this style font to make that personal. Again keeping the theme earthly. This font makes the design more fluid to contrast the very solid, stable text used throughout the rest of the blog. The color is dark grey, so it’s minimal but still stands out compared to other fonts on page. I’m playing around with the actual title, for now I like the way “S. Garrison” looks.

Tabs Text:
Font- PT Sans Narrow
Text Color- #000000 (black)
Simple, Minimal, Legible

Tabs Background:
Background color- transparent
Selected color- #eeeeee (light grey, almost transparent)
The selected color is a light grey to make the date of post pop a little off the page. This will make viewing the posts on the blog more functional without being too distracting. Each post begins with the date it’s posted so I thought it would be a nice break in the page and make finding a certain post easier.

Post Title:
Font- Josefin Sans
Point Size- 22px
Post title is slightly larger than the body text of the post for organization and emphasis. I liked the thin width of text contrasting the larger size. It’s also a simple typeface going along with the theme.