Monday, December 2

First Attempts at Vinyl Sleeve Designs: Earth Wind & Fire

Shining Star  1975
Attributes: funky, fun, energetic, soulful, 
colorful, bright, warm colors, & groovy 

With these two designs I was trying to depict the overall beat and atmosphere of the song. There's this bouncy repetitive beat throughout and I was trying to visualize that with the circles and play on the bands name by using an image of the world. After the intro of the bouncy beat theres a piercing sound in which I depicted with the curved red electric shape and modified by removing that and just using the rectangular shapes. The beat is consistent throughout the song with random little spurts of groovy. I used warm colors as that's how the theme of the song feels. 

Bonus track: 
Fantasy 1977
Attributes: rhythmic, sweet, cool 
colors, soulful, & consistent

With the first design idea, I used the circles to depict the rhythmic soulful vibe & the rectangles to visualize the break and random electric pops throughout the song. The second design, I wanted to be humorous and give the overall fun feel of Earth Wind and Fire. Using their iconic 70's fro look over earth with simple depictions of the sounds. This cover would have a hole in it and the vinyl would look as shown. Note that I haven't added any text to the designs yet, just focusing on the visual. If I do add some it will be very minimal. 

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