Sunday, November 17

Visual Interview: Myles

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Myles Thompson has always been influenced by the urban culture in the streets and it’s reflected in his personality, fashion, overall outlook on life, and dreams. He has a very social and positive personality. The lyrics of the legendary rapper Biggie Smalls, “spread love it’s the Brooklyn way,” is quite fitting. Ironically Biggie grew up only a few blocks away from Myles. Fashion is used as a daily expression and you can find Myles pairing his favorite street wear brands. Being a skater since the age of fifteen, he learned early on to have focus, patience, balance, and to keep trying until the trick is landed. Myles applies this same mentality to any challenges in life. Myles has always been an aspiring entrepreneur. In his younger years, just making lemonade stands but as he grows as a graphic designer, he dreams to have his own clothing brand or to work for one of his favorites. 

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