Tuesday, November 19

Process on Model

experimentation with materials,
we decided that aluminum works best to capture
the shape of our sculptural pieces.

Wired LED lights that will eventually be hidden underneath 
the model to provide representation for the night life of our piece. 

construction of the landscape. we still need to add some trees and fill in the sidewalks and drill holes for the lights, but this is how far we got today... working all day. Today we cut the wood that works as the base of our model. We broke it into two sections to account for the slope of "the green" and made the "upper half" an inch higher. then with clay we sculpted it into a slope. Spray painted the walkway with textured spray paint. Drew cut the stone walls out of actual stone, a talent he had from a stone cutting class. We lined the grass with this green velvet ribbon so that it looks freshly cut. I made the trees/ bushes out of sticks and natural material. Overall we're very pleased with the model so far and have meet our goal for today. It's so nice to work with group members that don't mind being in studio all day, this wouldn't have been possible without all of our efforts. 

<collaboration with Mary Lim and Drew Leider> 

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