Saturday, November 16

Analog Planning

Before making the analog mock up showing how the layout will be throughout the book, I made thumbnail sketches to figure out the order that would make the most sense. While doing this I was considering overall composition. For example I didn't want two diagrams to be one page after another. I also really like when the beginning of a book is just visual and not informational to sort of invite the viewer in before loading it with body info. I ended up adding a few spreads because I wanted that inviting first spread as well as having a nice ending so it doesn't just feel cut off and I didn't want to cram all the content, white space is beautiful. Another thing I was thinking about while laying out the book was elegance- speaking to Baskerville. So I'll only be using white, black, and a soft teal. I'm integrating the requirement that we provide all the numbers by using page numbers.  

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