Wednesday, October 23

Package Design Aderrations

My main critique was to make my package design less text heavy. Also the bottle I was using in my last design was half full, so I wanted to make the bottle full so that the potential buyer would know what they're getting. It was suggested I work with altering the bottle design as well so here's some of the bottles I made to try and work with. 

& some more recent designs... It's getting kind of hard for me to know 
when my designs are good enough to stop making all new ones. But here's some I've 
made since my last post, I'll point out the ones I'm considering going with. Once I get all my work together in my head it'll just be a matter of picking my favorites for the mid critique on Friday. 

The goal here was to stick to one of my simple designs but replace the old bottles with images of filled bottles. This design would work for the simplified illustration method and would be communicating simplicity and quality. I think this design is still missing something  but I'm leaning towards it for my simplified illustration method design. 

The goal with this one was to use a more realistic looking bottle in my design and completely change the color palette. This design would work for altered image method and would be communicating fun.

I wanted to respond to the suggestion that I enlarge the bottle size and have the image wrap around. This would work for simplified illustration method and would be communicating confidence. 

This is a design I feel is pretty successful and I'm leaning towards using it for my realistic photograph method and it would communicating energy.

Would work for simplified illustration method and is communicating taste. I think I have stronger ideas for the method of visually communicating the image. 

I was experimenting with placing the scanned in images "PEPPER" and the little flame drop out of Tabasco sauce on top of the bottles. Sort of like labels, but not more like the contents of what's within the bottles. Something about this design bothers me but I just wanted to share progress. 

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