Thursday, October 31

More Package Designs Since Monday

I've been working on these designs, trying to communicate that I'm trying to communicate better. The first three are communicating energy and sophistication, using translation, overlap, transparency, and continuation for energy and then use of minimal color, similarity, symmetrical weight/ balance, and transitional typeface for sophistication. The last design is an altered version of my "best" design I had for class on Monday. I was told that the solid colored shaped on either side were a disconnect from the rest, so I took a photograph of the sauce itself and filled those shapes with that in hopes that the whole design would go together. I also had a little "fire drop" shape made out of the sauce before but I dropped that in this version. Note that all the bright red tabs are not shown when the box is put together. I've printed out all of these on card stock and I'm going to photograph each. The design that looks best as a box and photographs best is the one I will choose for the final design. 

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