Tuesday, October 22

Intervention Project

We're using the typefaces Helvetica for the "#", and Wisdom Script off of the Lost Type website for the letters. We wanted the letters to all be joined together so that people can pick them up as one piece and take a photograph with it. We bought a two inch wide piece of extra wood to add backing, so that the hashtag is joined and there will be something for people to grab onto. But we'll see what it looks like after it's been cut by the CNC. We're scheduled for Thursday morning at 9am. 

We got our material, MDF wood. It barely fit in the car but thankfully 
the Home Depot guy helped us tie it into Edith's car. 

And here's a bunch of different angles of the fountain near The Plaza, our location. Hopefully the day or days that we go out there, it's more like the top photo with a bunch of people around. We're planning on having a few of our friends with us to take pictures first so that strangers see that and know it's okay to interact with the piece. 

< Group members: Edith and Ashton > 

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